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The Government of Guam offers a competitive benefits package which includes retirement ( Defined Contribution Plan 401 a and 457), health insurance plans, cafeteria plan, an Employee Assistance Program, annual and sick leave, paid holidays and life insurance. For additional information regarding the Government of Guam Retirement, please visit

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Job Announcements

Position TitleArea of Consideration Announcment NumberOpen DateClosed Date
Accountant IOpenDOA112-173/31/20174/21/2017
Administrative AssistantDepartmental - GFD OnlyDOA110-173/31/20174/14/2017
Administrator, Office of Civil DefenseOpenDOA117-174/13/20175/04/2017
Agricultural Management Specialist IOpenDOA121-174/21/20175/21/2017
Agriculturist III OpenDOA119-174/21/20175/21/2017
Assistant Fire ChiefOpenDOA113-173/31/20174/21/2017
Biologist IIIOpenDOA125-167/27/2016Continuous
Claims Processing & Utilization Review OfficerOpenDOA102-17 3/24/2017Continuous
Commodity Inspector I OpenDOA118-174/21/20175/12/2017
Community Health Nurse IOpen DOA72-171/26/2017Continuous
Community Nutritionist IIOpenDOA29-1710/27/2016Continuous
Computer Systems Analyst IIOpenDOA116-174/10/20175/1/2017
Dental Health Specialist IIOpenDOA53-1712/16/2016 Continuous
E911 AdministratorOpenDOA109-174/10/20175/01/2017
Electrician IIOpenDOA108-174/13/20175/04/2017
Engineer II (Environmental)OpenDOA27-1710/27/2016Continuous
Geographic Information System Mapping TechnicianOpen DOA16-17 10/13/2016Continuous
Land Agent IOpenDOA115-174/10/20175/01/2017
Land Agent IIOpenDOA107-173/31/20174/21/2017
Land Agent IIIOpenDOA114-174/10/20175/01/2017
Licensed Practical Nurse IOpen DOA68-171/26/2017 Continuous
Microbiologist II (CLTA)CLTADOA105-173/17/2017Continuous
Microbiologist IIOpen DOA117-16 7/5/2016 Continuous
Nutrition Assistant I OpenDOA125-174/21/2017 Continuous
Nutrition Assistant IIOpen  DOA86-17 2/3/2017 Continuous
Planner IIIOpen DOA17-16 1/5/2016 Continuous
Psychiatric Nurse IOpen DOA42-17 11/25/2016Continuous
Program Coordinator IIDepartmental - AgriculatureDOA111-174/13/20174/27/2017
Psychiatric Social Worker IOpen DOA10-1710/10/2016Continuous
Social Worker IIOpen DOA51-17 12/12/2016Continuous
Television Chief EngineerOpen DOA20-17 10/13/2016Continuous
Territorial EpidemiologistOpen DOA57-17 12/16/2016Continuous
Trades HelperOpenDOA103-174/13/20174/27/2017
Transportation SupervisorOpen DOA28-17 10/27/2016Continuous
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor I CLTADOA120-174/21/20175/12/2017

Recruitment Forms

Department of Administration – Employment Application

Michael W. Schniep, Personnel Specialist IV, email at 475-1128/1141


Human Resources


P.O.Box 884

Hagatna, Guam 96932

Street Address:

ITC Building 590 South Marine Corps Drive,

Suite 215, Tamuning, Guam 96913

Hours of Operation:

8:00am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday

Closed: Weekends and Holidays


(671) 475-1288, (671) 475-1132


(671) 477-3671


For parking, please park in the open air parking area in non-designated parking stalls. All areas of HR are located on the 2nd floor with the exception of the Benefits Branch which is located on the 1st floor, Suite 125.