The Employee-Management Relations Branch is responsible for planning, coordinating and administering employee-management relation activities consisting of:

  • The Employee Grievance and Adverse Action Procedures; Performance Rating Appeal Procedures; Leave Sharing Program; Incentive Awards Program, PEMRA Rules and Regulations (P.L. 9-240), and Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges for the government of Guam.
  • Providing training to employees on the Employee Grievance and Adverse Action Procedures and Performance Appraisal System.
  • Coordinate hearings on grievances and performance appeals filed by employees and advises Board members of their role, pursuant to program procedures.
  • Oreintating labor relation matters to new employees of the government of Guam.


Information for Public Hearing: Executive Order and Proposed Amendment to Holiday Pay Rule
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Kathryn Diaz, Employee-Management Relations Officer II, 475-1249, kathryn.diaz@doa.guam.gov

Herta Dela Cruz, Personnel Specialist III, 475-1185, herta.delacruz@doa.guam.gov



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